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I show how the power of vulnerability can change the world. 

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I’m not afraid to share the truth about raw human experiences, and my presentations are thought-provoking and inspiring. My story is rooted in a lived experience so challenging that it’s difficult to imagine how I could have emerged this whole. 

My mission is to encourage my audience to begin to think differently about their own circumstances.. I encourage people to bet on one’s own strength to ensure a new path to personal success and joy. 

I promise I will leave your audience invigorated, motivated, and begging for more.
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Notable Keynotes

I have shared my unique story with thousands of people, online conferences, podcasts, radio & TV interviews and fireside chats. I specialise in:


  • Life after trauma
  • Focusing your attention in the right direction
  • What to do when it all looks so hopeless
  • Living again after loss
  • Overcoming anxiety
  • Emotional self-care: It’s a necessity, not a luxury


  • Creating lasting change
  • Neuroplasticity: Shape your own thinking
  • Tenacious living
  • Choosing a positive approach
  • Learning to trust your judgement

Audiences are typically composed of leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers. Curious people who care about themselves and their workforce, who are invested in other people's lives. People who understand that new material, new ideas and new ways of doing things are what keeps people motivated. People who think outside of the box. 

Imagine a world where you believe in yourself wholeheartedly.


What a powerful life you would lead.


I share my own journey and experiences in all of my talks. 


I faced tremendous obstacles in life and I speak of the strategies I had to develop to enable me to transform a life of devastating trauma, loss, paralysis and drug dependency into a thriving high achiever.


My promise to you is that after listening to one of my talks, your audience will leave feeling changed in some way. 

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Presentation Titles


Flying on the Inside

Neuroplasticity in Action

Choose Your Tribe Wisely


If you have a specific topic or theme in mind, do let me know.
Together we can design a customized keynote or workshop to fit your needs perfectly.

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