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The root to me becoming the woman I am today has been a challenging and difficult one.

The origins of my story are painful, to say the least, but these challenges have laid the foundations of the extraordinary life I live today.


Flying On The Inside is a powerful and emotional book that tells the full story of my journey from trauma to full and complete recovery . 
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"This book should be a required read for all. I am left speechless after having read this memoir. The author is probably one of the strongest women alive!" - Rachel H.

The seed for writing Flying on the Inside was put down a long time ago on one of my darkest days as I lay in my hospital bed unable to move or fend for myself. 

My mother lent over quietly and said, “one day you will be well and one day you will share your story to the world to help others.” 

At that time, I had so much to overcome that I hardly registered what she said, and in truth, her words angered me at that moment because of how devastated my life had become.

But somehow, unconsciously, the idea must have registered and there it remained below the surface of my consciousness for almost two decades. 

At that point, it began to surface as a powerful force, urging me to tell my tale. I was driven to begin committing to paper my long and arduous trek from complete loss and devastation to creating the amazingly joyful and successful life I experience today.

It’s a real joy to share my story with the world, and it is my hope that others who suffer may see a bit of themselves in my journey. My wish is for the reader to become inspired to dig deep and to find their own unique path to creating a life that is lived on their own terms, filled with joy and fulfilment.

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Joanne E. Dobbie


“Amazing read, incredible story of being able to overcome trauma. Hard to put down! Truly inspirational, highly recommend” 

Ruchira Datta


“Compelling, powerful, inspiring! This book is raw, no-holds-barred, searingly honest and breathtaking.” 

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