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Finding Your Metal 

The Science Of Becoming A High Achiever

Online Course

  • Do you see other people appearing to live amazingly successful and satisfactory lives, and think to yourself, that’s what other people can achieve, but that’s not available to me?
  • Do you know intuitively inside there is so much more depth and power to you, but you don’t have the courage to let it show?
  • Do you continually wish you could begin each day feeling more confident, with unshakable self belief?
  • Do you dream big but need some help to make your dreams come true?

Yes? Then you're in the right place

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Through the long process of trial and error, I fought my way back from utter devastation and loss and into creating an extraordinarily successful life.

It took me years to find out how to live like this and now I’ve shared how I did that with the world, right here in Finding Your Metal. 

You see, I’ve been in the place you are at right now.

I know what it’s like to work really hard on myself, and yet still not manage to tap into that edge that intuitively I knew was hidden deep inside me.

I’ve stood on the sidelines of life and watched other people thrive.


Are you ready to take control of how you react to the people and events in your life?


Are you ready to learn how to tenaciously pursue your goals?


Are you ready to become the architect and the controlling force of your life?



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Sign Up Now for Immediate Access with 5 monthly payments of €111

When you join Finding Your Metal, you will gain access to:

  • 4 jam packed modules
  • Over 3 hours of life changing videos
  • 5 powerful bespoke transforming hypnosis audios crafted and recorded by me
  • Editable workbooks

All the tools you will need to create your own bright future.

Come and join me in this life changing course.  From the minute you join this program, you will rapidly learn how to tap into and connect with that hidden powerful part of you. 

Here you will learn how to release that high achieving core inside. 

As you go through this course, you will easily acquire all the skills and learn countless practices needed to live life on your own terms.  From day one, you will begin the process of reprogramming your mind with the mindset of a thriver.  

I’ve successfully shared these skills with hundreds of people to date, and all of these people are now living amazingly successful lives.

Sign Up Now for Immediate Access for €555
Sign Up Now for Immediate Access with 5 monthly payments of €111

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“Through Rachel's grasp of her amazing gifts, wise council, and her own life journey, she guided, supported and encouraged me through a very difficult chapter in my life. Thankfully now my road ahead is lit up and I am recognising my path again.” 

- Caroline Hutchinson

This is the course that will ultimately change how you feel about yourself and life itself.

I have created a complete life changing course that will last you a lifetime, with all the lessons and insights you need to begin living life as a high achiever.

If you want more to thrive both inside and out this is the course for you.

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Sign Up Now for 5 Monthly Payments of €111
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