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Are you ready to change that inner negative inner voice into one that makes you unstoppable?

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I specialise in working with people just like you to transform your life crisis into opportunities so you can truly thrive, both personally and professionally.

There's a simple secret to your success. Work with me and let me show you how to solve your issues and activate your full potential with my innovative, intuitive and results driven approach.

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Your Mind is Where this Power Resides

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 Harness the power of your mind and reprogram it to reach true success. 

"I was impressed by how much energy and commitment Rachel gives. She is driven to change you and that is palpable and moreover she succeeds. I am very grateful to have gotten to work with Rachel” - Eavan Murphy

 About Me

I came to change my life because of an incredible amount of trauma. From profound losses to severe health concerns, I found myself in a space where I wasn’t living.

I was existing as a shell.

Today I work with people from around the world, introducing them to the infinite power their mind contains.


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