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The Metal Mastermind
Group Program for High Achievers

The Art & Practice of Everyday Bravery

  • Are you looking for a tribe of like-minded warriors to connect with?

  • Are you curious about how to deepen and continue with the personal inner work you’ve already completed?

  • Do you want to get even more results from your personal development work?

  • Are you seeking to challenge yourself with accountability by being among a group of highly committed individuals?


If you are, you are already on the journey of personal growth and discovery.

Now is the time to deepen your experience of life by committing to sharing the path forwards with a group of other impressive individuals, all committed to living tenaciously.

We work best with a community of like minded people around us.


And this is why I created The Metal Mastermind. 

Price: €3,600

I’m Rachel Gotto, your facilitator and creator of The Metal Mastermind.  I’ve led an extraordinary life and now I’ve created this extraordinary program to match.  I think outside of the box.

Are you ready to feel supported as you take on new and exciting challenges?

Are you ready to completely transform how you experience life 

Do you want to learn the art of being brave?


Then join me in this exciting and unique program and lets get creative.

Join me, together with 7 other curious individuals all on a mission to find ingenious ways to live more, to grow more, and to step into their own personal bravery.

Are you ready?

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Do you want to:

✓ Connect More Deeply Inwardly
✓ Supercharge Your Energy
✓ Rewire Your Mind To Work In Your Favour
✓ Discover New insights and ideas
✓ Make Courageous Decisions
✓ Receive valuable constructive feedback
✓ Accelerate your growth through accountability
✓ Change Habitual Patterns
✓ Meet new people and network


Yes? You belong in this program.

You know there’s so much more exciting inner work to be done so don’t wait any longer to continue your personal growth journey. Step into your personal bravery and supercharge your confidence by joining my program today.

Price: €3,600


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This deep dive program is for six months, and includes:

Introductory Power Hour

Your own individual Power Hour with me at the beginning of the mastermind.   In this meeting you and I will get to know each other and we will establish your own individual aims and goals you wish to pursue.

Second Power Hour

Another individual Power Hour with me towards the end of the mastermind - this will be a time to reflect and to make suggestions for how to continue and build on the work done in the mastermind.

Group Calls

2 monthly 2-hour group calls for the duration of the program.

In this mastermind you will learn how to:

  • Work on building tenacity
  • Grow your inner belief
  • Build healthy personal and professional boundaries
  • Strategies on how to create a high achieving life
  • How to trust your gut when making decisions
  • Practices to silence your inner critic
  • To network with confidence
  • Find your voice 
  • Receive a signed complimentary copy of my memoir Flying on the Inside

You’ll emerge from the mastermind ready to:

  • Find solutions 
  • Understand yourself more deeply
  • Push past limiting blocks
  • Change the inner narrative that holds you back
  • Take leaps in your personal growth

Price: €3,600 

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