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My Values

There are value systems that we grow and cement in life through our lived experience. 

These are mine:

  • Serve with Excellence - Always uphold the highest standards no matter how difficult the task.  
  • Harness Intelligent Behaviour - Control your mind and your actions even when there’s chaos. 
  • Always Listen Deeply -Hold everyone’s story with the utmost respect. .
  • Always Have Integrity - Hold high moral principles.
  • Be Still - Wisdom is found in silence.
  • Mine your Resources - Use every tool in the toolbox.  
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Rachel Gotto on a boat with her dog

“I didn’t feel like I was just another client Rachel was trying to get out of the way, I really felt like she devoted all she had to me and me only. I felt like I was her only client! Which made me feel amazing”
- Tracey Billione

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