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Re-Program To Flourish

This program is for you if:

  • You have a specific recurring emotional issue that you can’t shift

  • You have tried other forms of therapy only to have your old issue resurface

  • You are being held back by your own self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours

  • You want unshakable self-belief


The cost of this program is €1,025 paid in 2 instalments

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As a highly skilled, experienced and professional Transforming Hypnotherapist, I’ve helped transform hundreds of people’s lives. I am the catalyst for you to swiftly achieve lasting emotional freedom and abundant self-belief. No matter how difficult the issue.

In this one month program you get the results you want - and fast.

The Reprogram to Flourish one month program looks like this:


We connect via Zoom for about 3 hours.  (Please plan to have about 4 hours free though. Your transformation is my priority and I don’t like to rush or cut corners.)

We begin with you sharing your story.  

I listen deeply all the time, taking a birds eye view on your situation.  We are looking for the root cause, the origin of your issue and this unpacking work will give us clarity on what questions we need to ask your subconscious mind once under hypnosis. This will help you unearth where you acquired this limiting belief in the first place.

You will find the whole process fascinating. And you will be amazed at the insights that come just from our initial inquiry. 

Then we go on to do the exciting work of putting you in hypnosis, and unearthing the root cause of your issue. Once we have done this, we can quickly eradicate it completely.

We work as collaborators and work closely together.

If you are not familiar with hypnosis, it’s important to be aware that being in hypnosis is entirely natural and that you are completely safe.  

You are not going anywhere and you are never under my control.

It’s a choice. 

You will be able to remember everything from the session. 

All we are doing is utilising a part of your mind that you use every day unbeknownst to yourself. I will explain everything before we do any hypnosis work so you understand completely what we are doing, and why, and feel completely at ease with the process.

We do lots of transformational work whilst you are under hypnosis. 

Once we’ve unearthed the origin of the limiting belief, we begin to discredit the belief.

Then, we go on to upgrade your beliefs and begin to install a new and positive one. 

Think of it like upgrading the hard drive in our computers. 

If we don’t do this, our computers won’t work so well. 

It’s the same with our brains. We need to upgrade what we think internally to feel confident and that we are good enough. 

We continue the transformation process there and then whilst you are under hypnosis.  

On top of that, because we know that the brain only learns through repetition, towards the end of our time together I craft and record a bespoke hypnosis audio specially for you. This is for you to listen to every day twice a day for about 28 days to instil your new programming.

The cost of this programme is €1025, paid in two instalments.

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The Importance of 28 Days 

It takes about 28 days to begin to embed new beliefs in the subconscious mind. 


We want you to get the best results possible, and this unique hypnosis audio will continue this powerful subconscious upgrade. 

Committing to listening to your bespoke audio is an important element of your healing journey.

You will need to commit to listening every day, twice a day for approximately 4 weeks to fully install the much needed upgrade of your subconscious mind.

As I count you into hypnosis at the start of the audio, each day you will continue this powerful upgrade of your subconscious mind. You will need to be free to sit or lie to listen.

Your bespoke hypnosis audio is sent to you directly after we end our Zoom call. 

I will be on hand to check in with you on Whatsapp periodically throughout the listening period. You are also free to ask me any questions or share your success as you process through the listening.  

And at the end of the listening period we have a 20 minute telephone review session to see how you are doing. Do you need to continue to listen to your bespoke audio for some more weeks, or do we need to plan a further appointment? We will discuss all that in this important review.

The results are astounding!

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Why Your Commitment Is Necessary 


It’s important to understand at this point that hypnotherapy is a life changing therapy. It gets phenomenal lasting results. 

But it can only do these things if you’re committed. 

You do need to be committed to the process and a positive outcome. 

It’s also required that you show up motivated and ready to do the work. 

And you need to be ready to take responsibility for making changes in your life that are necessary for the lasting change to happen.

The most motivated and committed people get the best outcomes.

You will gain amazing results from just one months work. Deeper seated and long standing issues may need further work.

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"The transformation I have experienced has been amazing. The beliefs I had which have been holding me back my entire life have been released along with the anxiety in which I suffered from”.

- Ciara Culleton

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