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Why I predominantly choose to work with Hypnotherapy in my Practice

coaching hypnotherapy mentoring working with me Feb 09, 2022
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Many of you have asked me why I predominantly work with hypnotherapy in my practice. 

 The answer is very simple…….

Because my experience is that it gets incredibly transformative results in a shorter time frame than standard therapy alone!  Both therapies are focussed on finding the root cause of an issue, just one gets swifter results.

I choose it because in this fast paced and time poor world, none of us has the free time to keep returning to the therapy room week in and week out hoping to fix our emotional issues.  What we want is a permanent solution to our problems, and as swiftly as possible.

 And this is exactly what hypnotherapy offers!

 And before you start to think, “I’d love rapid and extraordinary results for my issues, but isn’t hypnotherapy a bit fringy and weird?  Not at all, many well-known doctors and psychiatrists use hypnotherapy in their practices because they know how incredibly affective it is.

Hypnotherapy has been around for thousands of years and works by formally harnessing the power of the mind to work for us instead of against us, as is commonly happening with all our issues.  Basically, the brain will do exactly what it wants and will continuously feed our insecurities, unless we take charge of it and get it to work in our favour.

 Hypnotherapy has nothing to do with control (as you might have been led to believe from the movies) It’s simply about taking charge of what we allow ourselves to think and feel through harnessing the most powerful part of the mind – the unconscious mind.

 The unconscious mind is so very important because it controls our emotions, feelings, and behaviours. It’s the place where we store our response to everything (negative and positive) that has happened to us since our conception.  Our past experiences are all stored in a big bank of information in the un-conscious mind, and this is where our difficulties, sabotaging behaviours and negative thought patterns stem from.

The therapeutic purpose of hypnosis is to unearth the reason we are experiencing a particular negative feeling or behavioural pattern and to begin replacing it with a positive one

All this is done whilst the client is in a relaxed state of mind. ( and that’s what being in hypnosis is all about, nothing more) You are going nowhere, you are not asleep, you are not under anyones’ control. You are just guided into being in a relaxed state of mind and then I ask some very specific questions to help you understand the origins of your issue. 

 And don’t worry, you will only share information you want to share; I can’t elicit any information you don’t want me to know.  It’s a collaboration between client and therapist and it’s very interesting.

There’s nothing weird or strange about being in hypnosis. We naturally slip into hypnosis many times each day (think back to when you drove home and couldn’t remember the journey.  Your unconscious mind knew the way and brought you home whilst you were chatting on the phone!) You came home using an unconscious program!

Think about how powerful an unconscious program is if it can get you to drive a car without paying attention!  That’s powerful!  Now think about how powerful a negatively held program such as YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH might be!  How would it affect your life? 

It can wreak havoc with your whole life.  It can destroy your self-esteem, your confidence, and your ability to thrive.  All that just from an un-conscious program!

Imagine how amazing it would be to transform your world in a short time frame!  No more continuous rounds of therapy and no keeping going in the hopes you can stumble across the root cause of your problems!

Hypnotherapy eradicates these negative programs and replaces them with healthy empowering ones, leaving you free to thrive without the painful experiences of the past sabotaging your choices and decisions.

That’s why I predominantly choose hypnotherapy, because I know it works, and it’s very safe, especially in the hands of a very experienced hypnotherapist.

 If you would like to discuss your particular issue and learn if hypnotherapy will help you book a discovery and chat things through with me in complete privacy.

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