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Interview with Angela Faull all about Relationships

interviews mentoring Aug 03, 2018
Rachel Gotto Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist

What is your relationship language?  We all have one!  More often than not our relationship language is informed by observing our parent's way of communicating and interacting with each other in our family of origin.  So, it's worth noting that when you begin to form your own interpersonal relationships they are mostly flavoured  by earlier impressions that we observed and experienced in our early childhood learning.  It's with this in mind that I really feel that it is vital that we develop our own way of interacting, that is a consciously formed response rather than a response governed by our subconscious experiences.  In addition, I believe that in order to form close and lasting deep relationships  we first must form a good and kind relationship with ourselves.  Listen below to hear more about what I have to say....

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Many thanks to Angela Faul and the great team at CRCfm, truly a great radio station.

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