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Is Hypnotherapy Weird or Fringy?

hypnotherapy impostor syndrome mentoring Mar 30, 2022

Is having Hypnotherapy Weird or Fringy?

 The short answer is no

Many people, from all walks of life, choose Hypnotherapy to heal from their emotional and physical issues every single day. 

It’s completely natural and safe.  It's about being guided into a focussed state of mind, and this is something we do naturally many times each day. And there is no element of being controlled or going to sleep, although many clients report feeling very relaxed whilst under hypnosis.

Think about when you have a daydream or when you have driven home and find you have no recollection of making the journey. 

 That’s being hypnosis!

You might be off thinking about something else, or driving your car, and yet, you can complete a task or arrive home in one piece. 

 Why?  Because your brain has a subconscious program that knows how to do the washing up or drive you home, all without you having to think about what you are doing. 

I'll bet you have had that experience yourself? And this will help you to understand that we all use hypnosis naturally every day all on our own, without any hypnotherapist helping us!

Hypnosis, as a therapy, is simply about purposely putting a client into that daydream, or trance state, as we call it, so we can use it as a therapeutic tool to uncover the root cause of an issue that's affecting a client's life, say for instance difficulties such as Impostor Syndrome or Depression, or Lack of Self-Esteem.

During a Hypnotherapy session, once the client has been brought into that relaxed state of mind the critical thinking mind, or the conscious mind, as it’s called, moves to the background for a short period of time and this in turn opens up the opportunity to uncover certain emotions and feelings attached to particular memories associated with a time when something or someone negatively affected us. 

In this state, we have an enhanced ability to reframe the event or memory so that we can process the pain and become liberated from the emotions associated with the memory. 

Interestingly, it’s not often it’s the actual event that makes us suffer, it’s mostly the interpretation we have put on the event that hurts us and holds us back in life.

The beauty about using hypnotherapy is that uncovering the root cause is invariably very swift, unlike other therapies that can take a lot longer to arrive at the core of an issue.

Once we have identified that origin or origins of the issue, we then begin the process of reframing and discrediting how we have unconsciously viewed the difficulty to date. 

It’s interesting to note that the brain doesn’t have any time frame.  It can’t tell the difference between the past the present or the future and often our issues stem from earlier childhood experiences, and part of the therapeutic process involves having the client expressing out loud “that’s not me anymore” to prompt the subconscious mind to recognise that the time of the hurtful event has passed and that we are an adult now, capable of taking care of ourselves.

As the Hypnotherapy session progresses the therapy includes many more interventions and interruptions to the acquired beliefs and interpretations of earlier events, and because we know the brain learns through repetition, towards the end of the hypnosis session the therapist crafts and records a transformative hypnosis audio for the client to listen to twice each day for about 4 weeks. 

Why?  Because it takes about 4 weeks to begin to begin to embed new healthier and more supportive beliefs

 The effect is very liberating and brings about immediate changes in the neural circuitry of the brain and through the process of listening


to the hypnosis audio the deeper and more lasting changes begin to become embedded.  The result being the clients begins to experience life differently and without the presenting issue.

 Once the therapy session is complete and the audio is recorded the client is simply guided back to their full awareness and the therapy is concluded following a chat and discussion about what came up and any outstanding questions are talked through. 

A review session is scheduled for some time after the 4 week listening period has been completed to check progress and to discuss any future action to be taken.  

The results are very powerful and transformative.

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