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Is Hypnotherapy a Good Choice For Everyone?

hypnotherapy Sep 05, 2022

Is everybody a good fit for hypnotherapy?

Well, the short answer is no. Just as with any other forms of therapy, some people are better suited to it than others.

The people who do best in hypnotherapy are people who are very driven, self-motivated, and have a very clearly defined WHY they want to do this inner a transformational work.


The reason being is the human brain likes to run the same patterns of thought and behaviour over and over again.


That's how the brain actually feels safe and it's its primary job is to keep you safe. So these patterns are an all important part of the mind feeling safe.


So, in order for us to kick ourselves out of these patterns of behaviour and thought, we need to be very driven, we need to be motivated and to have a clearly defined WHY we want to do this work. These the sort of people who do really well with hypnotherapy.


If you're wondering if hypnotherapy is for you, book a personal discovery call today with me and I'll be really, really happy to talk you through how it works, what's involved, and also what results you can expect from working with me.


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