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Radio interview about Rapid Transformational Therapy, Depression and Anxiety

interviews Apr 19, 2018
Rachel Gotto Speaker, Author, Hypnotherapist

We have a rising epidemic of Depression and Anxiety in the Western World.  This is particularly tragic given that we have made huge advances in so many areas and yet our emotional health has never been worse.  I'm hugely passionate about working with my clients to help them overcome life limiting issues such as Depression and Anxiety.  It was part of my story and I know full well how these issues blight and destroy the quality of our daily lives.  

So how do we win with these pervasive and oftentimes difficult to heal emotional issues? I believe in a multi pronged approach.  As a Rapid Transformational Therapist I absolutely believe in the importance of gaining understanding of the root cause,  that is, where the emotional issue stems from in the first place.  I use hypnosis to help my clients to gain a clear understanding of their issue and consequently release them from it through the process of the session.  This is hugely powerful and has a wonderfully liberating effect almost immediately.  In addition to the deep work achieved in the 1:1 session at my Galway Studio or on Skype or Zoom I offer my clients lots of background understanding of how Depression and Anxiety can be caused by our environment, our food and nutrition, our relationships and many other avenues thereby setting them up for success with a toolbox of skills and tasks designed to help them achieve a permanent cure from their issue.

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Many thanks to Angela Faul and the great team at CRCfm, truly a great radio station.

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