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Tap Into Your Edge

Four Month Program

Rachel Gotto


This program is for you if:

  • You want to tap into your own excellence
  • You want to activate that limitless inner self belief that you know is there, but you can’t quite seem to tap into it
  • You want to feel even more successful
  • You want to continually show up with all of you, without the Imposter Syndrome holding you back
  • You want your internal battery to become fully charged 
  • You want to do life, instead of life doing you


If this is you… then you are ready for me.

This four month program includes:

4 x 1 hour deep dive mentoring Zoom sessions


Establish trust and confidentiality so you can embark on the journey of self discovery. I work powerfully alongside you. You set the pace and the subject. I remain deeply rooted in my role so you can do the work you need to move past your issue as cleanly and efficiently as possible. (I don’t provide business or financial advice.)

1 powerful, clinical hypnotherapy Zoom session


Eradicate any lingering unconscious blocks to your success. This process will upgrade your beliefs, and rewire your mind for absolute confidence. You will also receive a unique bespoke 20 minute hypnosis audio designed by me for you to listen for a set period to program in the new empowering self belief. The results from working in this way are extraordinary.

Mentor in your pocket


Imagine not having to wait until your next scheduled session to gain support, to ask a question, to vent, or to simply share a personal victory. In this unique offering, you can reach out to me with a voice note or text message on Whatsapp from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm (excluding holidays periods) and I will get back to you as soon as I can. This type of support is a game changer, and clients progress much faster with this instant access.

Cost: €4,100 with payment plan

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There are great benefits to joining this comprehensive program.

You get to work with a dedicated professional who has herself walked a difficult path. My lived experience lends an unique edge to my work that is rare to find.

We have the time to go extra deep. You bring the issue and together we will embark on the exciting path to unearthing a life changing solution just for you.

The hypnotherapy aspect means we can swiftly remove any deeply held negative beliefs and reprogram you with new empowering and personally sustaining ones. (Check out the FAQs below to learn more)

The mentor in your pocket access means you continually make progress.

This program is for individuals who are excited to work deeply and who are committed to achieving personal greatness.

Are you ready to live your life as a true high achiever and are you driven to tap into your edge?

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Rachel's intuition and her life experience enabled space for me as an individual, and she was therefore able to support the more expansive spiritual parts of my life and being. That is so important to me. Ane Marie

Got Questions about my Tap Into Your Edge Program? 
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